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Inserting Data to MySQL With Many-to-many Relationship

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One of my recent work involves parsing a large XML file(DBLP), and for each data record parsed, it needs to be inserted into the db. The data would be populating into tables, and they are correlated with many-to-many relationship.

So, obviously there will be 3 tables:

  • publications
  • authors
  • author_publication(with Foreign Key constraints on authors table and publications table)

The first try:

  1. Insert publication to ‘publications’, take the last insert id
  2. Query an id from ‘authors’
  3. If step 2 returns an id(which means the author exist in the table), take that id; otherwise, insert the author to ‘authors’, take the last insert id
  4. Take both id’s and insert into ‘author_publication’ table.

This trial runs very slow… Because for every author, we will be executing at most 2 queries to the db, and the queries can be expensive as the db size grows larger. So, instead of executing 2 queries, I utilized the fact that author must be UNIQUE inside of ‘authors’ table. Here’s the second trial:

  1. Insert publication to ‘publications’, take the last insert id
  2. Insert author to ‘authors’ table and ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=LAST_INSERT_ID(id);, take the last insert id
  3. Take both id’s and insert into ‘author_publication’ table.

In this case, the second step would ensure that at most 1 query to the db. The details on ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE can be read from The MySQL Manual Page

I’m not sure if the second trial provides the best performance here, but it indeed improve the performance significantly as compared to the first trial.